"Thank you BBO Bridges Team and my fellow participants at Summit House for all your help"

I joined the BBO Bridges project at Summit House in January 2017. The last time I worked was 25 years ago, I couldn’t imagine that anyone would want me.

As someone who lives with a diagnosed mental health condition I feared the conversation at interview, if I got that far. I have been on ESA and its previous incarnations but always felt that in times that my mental health was in a good place that I could work.

I have volunteered for a few years, that was easier as the expectations were less and I could choose to stay at home if things got more difficult.

At Summit House I joined the Directions group, getting used to meeting other people, and I updated my CV with my volunteering knowledge. I applied for a part-time reception post at the charity I volunteered for and got an interview. Darren at Summit House coached me through some interview techniques and I felt confident going into the interview. What was there to lose? I had self-belief!

Guess what…I got the job!