“It was really convenient for the Bridges partner to travel to me so that I could get some help. They were kind and understanding and kept me positive about the situation I was in”

Carole joined the Bridges programme in January 2017. She had been attending the Jobcentre and her work coach suggested she take some support.

Carole has limited sight and her deteriorating health was a big concern to her. She also considered her age (over 50) to be a barrier to potential employers.

She was starting to think she would never work again and Bridges provided regular 1 - 1 confidence building sessions for almost a year.

Carole started volunteering in a charity shop one day a week and really enjoyed talking to the other volunteers.
With the support of a second Bridges partner Carole managed to get some extra money towards her heating and water bills.

After giving a good interview Carole was offered a part-time cleaning job just down the road from her flat.
She is enjoying having some purpose and structure back in her life.