“I am happy that I have signed up to the Bridges Project. This project has helped me to become a very confident person and more so it is helping me to realise my career goal”

Stephanie, a mother of 2 children was introduced to the Bridges project by one of her best friends. On joining the project Stephanie lacked self- confidence and she was very uncertain about her future career. After having several discussions with her project officer she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in early years and as such she decided to register on the Bridges (PSLA) Childcare level 1 course.

Stephanie is now completing the childcare level 1 course. She has been highly commended by her tutors about her level of commitment and the quality of work she produced. One of the tutors said that the first time Stephanie walked into her class she was a very shy young woman, who did not have the confidence to fully participate in class activities. Today, Stephanie is one of the most active and confident students in the childcare level 1 class. Her confidence has grown and she is presently helping some of her fellow classmates with their course work.

Stephanie attributes her positive development to the tremendous support she is getting from the Bridges project. Stephanie says:

“The Bridges Project has given me hope for the future and it is helping  me to realise my career goal so that I will be able to secure a future for my family and, most importantly, so I will be able to contribute to the positive development of our nation’s children"