“At the beginning, I didn’t have the courage to walk through the Bridges door. Now … wild horses couldn’t keep me away. Bridges has really helped me become a winner and I know I will get the job I want!”

Walking through a new, unfamiliar door can be a daunting thing to do. Being fully prepared for the unknown and meeting new people can seem threatening – especially when you don’t know what to expect and already running low on self-confidence. It takes courage.

When Barry first came to the Brownhills-based Bridges ‘Work Stations in Walsall,’ he was very reluctant to go through the doors. He just did not want to be there. Why would he? He said he couldn’t read or write very well and he had no idea what a CV was, let alone, ‘do one.’ Now, he would be using the dreaded computer for the first time, ‘surfing the net’ with a mouse and using a ‘USB thingy!’

But Barry is a brave man and he found courage to go in and have a go. He had good reason to … he really, really wants to find a job.

He has grown in confidence and self-esteem each week. He has an appetite for learning new things and relishes the chance to prove he has an ‘I can do it’ mentality. Swift progress has been made and in just a few short weeks, he has written a high-quality CV, stored it on his USB memory stick and last week shouted out loud, ‘YES, YES! I
have got on the Universal Job Site. I did it by myself!!’ Everyone in the room gave him a well-deserved round of applause. Everyone was pleased for him. Everyone was proud of him!

He really has a strong desire to prove himself and an even stronger determination to find the job he really wants. He is like every other member of the group. Work Stations in Walsall gives everyone the chance to ‘get on’ in life. The staff help those willing to work and go the extra mile for those who might otherwise have been forgotten.

Barry has started a confidence building course, refined his job search skills and is developing the abilities he needs for interviews and the world of work. He has no trouble walking through the front door anymore. He looks forward to every session. Wild horses couldn’t keep him away. Barry is a winner. And winners always succeed!