‘‘Being unemployed felt dark and scary. It was a lonely time and I really didn’t know who to turn to. Thank God, Terri at Work Stations in Walsall was there to help me!’’


Being out of work is hard. Getting back to work can be even harder. Stacey found that out when she was dismissed from her last job and found herself struggling to look after her young toddler and find a job that would help get her life back on track.

Still in her 20’s she felt ‘left on the scrapheap’ and confidence simply drained away as she sought help. She said she was, ‘looking for help and someone with time to listen to her.’ That’s what this Bridges project, ‘Work Stations in Walsall’ is all about – inspiring people and having quality time for the person who really wants the right support to find the job they want.

‘Work Stations in Walsall’ is one of several brand new Bridges projects that help unemployed people find work. ‘Stacey saw the project in a leaflet and knew it was for her. After meeting Terri, her personal one-to-one work coach, she soon overcame the barriers to work, developed great interview techniques, work skills and the motivation to apply for the job she really wanted. It was soon the job she got!

Terri was the friendly face offering support over a welcome cuppa and support to cross those difficult bridges when it came to finding work. She was the inspiration to persevere and the help needed to put a personal work plan together that helped fulfil Stacey’s dreams.

Now, Stacey has her dream job and her confidence is back. She also has her dignity and self-respect again; and she and her young family are doing just fine. But the last words go to Stacey herself:

‘I thought I was a lost cause and close to giving up. But I didn’t. There are good people out there who know how to help. Everyone who wants to work should seek out BRIDGES"