“I have picked up lots of different skills. I really needed a job to help support my partner and now with my new employment I can motivate myself to improve my career.”

Inna is a young lady who came from Romania and has been living in England with her partner. She has had a range of experiences such as working in the hotel industry in Italy and has also worked as a model. She has a passion for working with animals in animal shelters and dreams to work with animals for her future career.

She came to Aspiring Futures in 2016 because she wanted to improve her English and communication skills and to secure regular employment.  She also wanted to not only focus on developing her skills for job readiness but also to improve her level of fluency in English.

Inna felt comfortable in a women-only environment which had a holistic approach to skills development and provided a variety of services under one area. She wanted to increase her confidence in working in the UK.

Inna had a very determined approach to her goals and what she wanted to achieve. She regularly attended ESOL and Computer sessions as well as 1-on-1 job search sessions. She even completed a [email protected] programme in conjunction with the Wolverhampton City Council to improve her employability. As part of the programme, she developed team working skills, social relationship and communication skills as well as English grammar and conversation practice. She also developed her confidence and motivation.

Inna identified her barriers as communicating in English and being able to find suitable employment to sustain her and her partner’s living.

Inna has now secured full time employment at Amazon. Although she is not working in the animal care industry, she is working towards an animal care qualification. She feels that her priorities are concerned with having an income without having to rely on her partner.