Troy has been a valued member of staff here at Steps to Work since 2014 when he began his traineeship in Business Administration. After leaving school with an impressive set of grades Troy decided that further education was no longer the path for him. Determined to embark on a career path that would enable him to gain some real work experience whilst furthering his qualifications, Troy decided that an apprenticeship was the way forward and so began his journey with Steps to Work. Now that he has successfully completed his apprenticeship Troy has secured a fantastic full time opportunity which he is due to start in April 2016 and we have caught up with him to reflect on the past two years and see what he has to say about his experience.

I have learnt so much here and come a long way since leaving school in Feb 2014. I have been here for 21 months and haven’t looked back since. I have received great support from all of you and from the day I first met Claire for my IAG to now and I can’t thank you all enough for being such great colleagues.

"When I found out that it was possible to continue my learning in a sector of my choice whilst also earning a wage I knew it was too good of an opportunity to turn down. Steps to Work clearly explained to me how apprenticeships worked and helped me to see how I could benefit from taking part.

When I left school I had good qualifications but lacked work experience. Steps to Work have provided me with invaluable work experience as well as a fantastic team to work alongside.

With Steps to Work I was able to complete a Level 2 Business Admin Apprenticeship which consisted of various administrative tasks such as making and receiving telephone calls, issuing and dealing with post, inputting data onto in-house systems and databases and dealing with customers and visitors on reception. All of these tasks have helped me to become a confident administrative assistant and given me the hands-on work experience I needed.

As I started to excel in my daily duties I was given more responsibilities such as issuing petty cash and writing petty cash records, making stationary orders and producing meeting minutes. The increased responsibility really helped me to improve my skills and confidence and the more I proved my capability, the more responsibility I was given and I was soon given the opportunity to complete my Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration too.

My apprenticeship really helped me to become the person I am today and I really value the experiences that I have received. I feel confident in myself and my ability and feel I have gained lots of transferrable skills that will greatly aid me in future job roles.

Steps to Work provided me with a safe work station as well as great colleagues to work with. I have always felt safe and comfortable at work and have always been able to talk to my colleagues and ask for advice or assistance. Steps to Work are always going above and beyond for customers, myself included, and that’s what makes them stand out from other training providers. There have been occasions where I’ve needed help with improving my CV and filling in application forms and there has always been someone on hand to help and support me whenever I have needed it and I am very grateful for it.

Steps to Work took the time to get to know me and identify my strengths. They realised that I was a motivated individual with aspirations and they were willing to take me on as an apprentice to help me achieve my goals. If it wasn’t for my apprenticeship at Steps I wouldn’t be where I am now, it has really helped me gain an insight into a real job and helped me to improve my skills and confidence. I am now moving on to a new full time opportunity which involves elements of business admin as well as sales and accounts management. I will be starting my new full time position soon and I am so grateful for the opportunities that Steps to Work were able to give me during my time here.

I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is looking to improve their career prospects whilst earning a wage. It is the best way to continue broadening your knowledge and you will receive a nationally recognised qualification. It is definitely worth speaking to a careers advisor about how an apprenticeship can benefit you."