Lee had been unemployed for such a long time he had become set in his ways and used to the routine of signing on. After dealing with the tragic loss of his mother, Lee decided it was time to focus his mind and energy on getting off of benefits and into a good career.

Part of what we do at Steps to Work is spending time with people to get to know them and understand what sort of job would be right for them. Lee’s coach at Steps to Work spent time to understand Lee’s skills and aspirations in order to find a job that would suit his needs.

Steps to Work then arranged for Lee to meet with ACRC Care, a West Bromwich based care service, where they offered him employment on completion of training and passing a DBS check. To help Lee achieve this, Steps to Work funded his DBS check and helped with the cost of travel to and from his training.

After passing his DBS check and training and Steps to Work helped Lee to get a start date for his new job.

Lee is now working in the care sector where there is a surplus of great opportunities for career development. The care sector is crying out for male carers so Lee is in a great position for long term, sustainable work in the future and has been able to sign off benefits and begin his career development.