“They are helping me back into a working environment and building my confidence.”

When Claire joined BBO BRIDGES she had been unemployed for five years and was nervous and suffered from a lack of confidence. She was very shy and quiet, had a negative outlook and low motivation and aspirations.

Claire was aware that she needed help with both IT and with interview skills, feeling that these were barriers to finding employment. After a struggle to initially engage Clare began to participate in a variety of employability workshops and developed her understanding of the modern job market and employer expectations.

Through these sessions Claire improved her social skills and saw an increase in her own self-confidence. However, she still felt that there was a lot that she could learn about working and to that end she chose to pursue work experience. Because of her previous retail experience Claire felt most comfortable in a retail environment.

Claire successfully interviewed with a local retail store and began a very positive work placement. Claire has become proactive in her search for work and is determined to secure employment. Her knowledge, self-esteem, confidence and general disposition have all improved dramatically, and she now has a very positive outlook.