Neil has been unemployed since 2011 when he was unable to work due to ill-health and claimed ESA due to damage to his lungs. On moving from ESA to JSA, Neil came to join the BRIDGES project at Groundwork for support at a low ebb.

Due to previous work experience, Neil wishes to get his Forklift to return to warehouse work. Neil’s Folk Lift Counterbalance Licence has expired, although project officer Diane is applying through BBO BRIDGES to support Neil in updating his licence to get the work he now desperately needs.

Since joining Groundwork, Neil has received a lot of 1-2-1 mentoring and support to improve his confidence with updating his CV, completing on-line job applications which Diane was able to provide through the BBO BRIDGES Project.

Neil’s self-confidence has increased and he’s gaining newly found confidence in using a computer independently for the first time through time spent with Diane. Neil is happy with the welcoming and positive support he’s been given at Groundwork West Midlands, Tipton. It’s lifted his spirits and helped him to focus on what he needs to get back into work.

“I can’t believe I can use a computer now and I’m really looking forward to getting my Counterbalance Forklift Licence again to help me get back into work.”