"I’ve even started to enjoy my journey to sessions!”

Having to start attending work, meetings or appointments in a new town can be a strain and hassle for anyone, let alone when you have low confidence and self-esteem.

But 22 year-old Thomas Hawkins from Tamworth turned this into a positive.

Thomas said, “I was very comfortable attending my Evolve sessions in the Tamworth offices, but when these were closed in July and I was transferred to Burton-upon-Trent I was unsure if my shyness would get in the way of attending.”

Despite having a fear of engaging with people and using public transport by himself, Thomas was soon able to successfully catch the train and find the offices.

He added, “I’ve even started to enjoy the journey!”

Helen Ord, Employment Coach at Groundwork said, “What could have potentially been quite a negative situation, has in fact become a positive one. Being thrust out there has really helped Thomas’ confidence, and he’s become chattier as time has gone on.

“We talked about his hobbies and interests, and it turns out he’s a big fan of the Great British Bake Off and wants to become a baker. Next steps are for him to become even more independent- finding his own home and looking at apprenticeships for him to gain relevant qualifications and build a career.”