“The Bridges project has changed my life. Now I am a happier person, my self- confidence is now developing and I love myself more. I would recommend the Bridges project to anyone”

Claire Duckhouse, a single mother of 3, came to the Bridges Project after being unemployed for over 5 years. Claire had worked in numerous sectors including retail and in a pub.

On meeting Claire it was obvious that she lacked self- confidence. Claire told her BRIDGES project officer that she was a very confident person, but after suffering years of domestic violence she lost all her confidence and she believed that she was “no good”. This lack of self – confidence has prevented Claire from pursuing her long term goal, which is to become a child-minder or a nursery nurse.

An action plan was developed for Claire, which included confidence building sessions and enrolling on the Child Care Level 1 course. Presently Claire is attending these sessions/course and her project officer says he has seen a significant change in her. In a one to one session Claire told him that her confidence is now starting to develop and once again she is starting to love and believe in herself. She further states that her children seem to be much happier because she is now able to be more affectionate to them.

Claire attributes these positive changes to the supports she is receiving from being on the Bridges project. Claire says:

“signing up to the Bridges project was the best thing I have ever done. This project is helping me to build my self- confidence, to become more sociable and to meet my long term career goal, where I would be able to adequately provide for my family. I would definitely recommend the Bridges project to anyone who wants to give up on him or herself”.