Stainton is a retired business man who managed a small shipping and handling company for many years. When the company experienced financial difficulties Stainton had no option but to dissolve the business. Since then he has been unemployed.

For over 3 years Stainton has volunteered as a committee member and more recently as a driver for our Afterschool club. He came to the project because he recognised that he required support to build his self-esteem and confidence after the loss of his business. He has adapted his lifestyle to live within his means and has found it difficult to make that transition over the last few months.

He has engaged well with the project officer, received coaching and one to one support. After sharing his short, medium and long term goals and realising his potential he wanted to explore a new career path working in the care service industry.

The project officer arranged for him to meet with the manager of a local residential care home for the elderly and he has successfully gained a work placement for 12 weeks which is due to start shortly.

He is excited about the opportunity to gain experience and shared his gratitude for the support received to date. He looks forward to learning new skills, acquiring knowledge and experience in care work.

“I’m grateful for the support I have received and hope that I’ll have financial stability in the near future through the help and advice I have from Gloucester Street Community Centre."