“I am enjoying the Evolve project so much. I have made a lot of friends here at Cycle-R. My speech is getting better and so is my confidence.”

Martin first came to us after hearing great things from his foster brother, who was also on the BBO programme. Martin lives with a foster family, because of his complex needs. He has limited lung capacity and learning difficulties, and his speech and communication is something he struggles with.

Martin communicates using mostly sign language. He isn’t fluent in this, but knows how to get his point across and is patient with those who struggle to understand him.

Martin has now been on the programme for 9 months. He enjoys his time here so much that he’s increased his hours with us. His foster mum has said that his speech is improving a lot at home, and we have seen a massive change here.

Martin has also been teaching us sign language, so we can communicate with him better, and for signs that we don’t know, we have looked at them and learned them together.

Martin’s main goal was to improve his speech and language, and although it’s a slow process, the progress made so far has increased Martin’s confidence significantly and made such a difference to his home life.

We are so pleased with Martin’s progress so far, and can’t wait to see him progress even more!