“I am now confident in working as part of a team and now enjoy helping other members of the team with team projects. I am now able to deal with difficult situations whereas before I would have avoided it."

Cecile came to DCFA-IMPACT TRAINING after speaking with her tutor at a Jobs-fair. She was not very enthusiastic about this as she was not working and has been looking for work for some time with no success which affected her confidence. At first she was not sure if she wanted to do the course as she thought it was like the other courses that she already done however after her pre-course interview with the tutor she decided to come along.

Cecile turned up on time but did not really interact with the group. She was very quiet and subdued during the first and second week.

However from the third week onwards when activities were commenced for team building, she started to get more involved as well as contributing to group discussions and giving her valid opinion.

As the weeks passed she made friends within the group. She used her past experience and contributed successfully on several team project activities, doing group presentations and it was obvious she thrived on this experience.

She has now really started to realise her true potential and stated that her confidence has now improved. She has worked hard on her communication skills and feels more confident in approaching prospective employers.

Cecile has improved her confidence to the point where she volunteered at Henry Court Community Centre She was assisting with the cooking in preparation for the Christmas meal for the elderly. She has received positive feedback from both the staff and the service users of how well she did.