“I can see a bright future for my family and me. I would like to thank everybody who has supported me on the BRIDGES project”

Kumar, 46, is originally from Bangladesh. He came to the UK in 2012 and worked in a Bangladeshi restaurant as a Kitchen Porter before becoming a cook and learning all of the necessary skills to become a chef in the future. Unfortunately, Kumar suffered an injury in early 2016 which forced him to leave his career in the catering trade.

When Kumar first visited one of Sandwell Consortium’s Employment Support Workers at the Bangladeshi Islamic Centre, he was low on confidence due to his injury. He had also discovered that he was go-ing to become a father for the first time and there-fore wanted to return to work to support his family.

Kumar and the Employment Support Worker made an action plan with short and long-term targets. Ku-mar realised that he needed to adapt to the change in circumstances and this required patience. His long-term ambition is to own a successful restaurant but first he wishes to gain experience as a waiter. The BRIDGES project supported Kumar by creating a comprehensive CV and assisting with job search.

Kumar managed to get a job interview and attended an interview technique workshop to brush up on how to answer questions effectively. He was successful in the interview and was offered a job as a waiter working 24 hours per week. Kumar is enjoying his new job and he is learning different skills.