“I have learnt how to talk at Interviews and present myself in a positive way”

Caren is a 59 year old qualified Solicitor specialising in Family and Immigration Law. She has had a desire to work again for over 6 months, following a very difficult period in her life but was unable to make a step forward.

After initial support meetings including coaching, it was evident that Caren experiences extremely low self esteem and confidence. As a result, this has impacted her life and her ability to work for some time.

She joined the project to increase her confidence and job search more effectively. Over the past few weeks she has attended two interviews and is likely to secure a further two meetings in the coming weeks. Attending interviews has really boosted her confidence although at times she battles with her self esteem.

Caren is feeling more positive about her future career, she also feels more engaged and less isolated. She feels supported and connected by the help she receives from Gloucester Street Community Centre.