“I feel so lucky, first ever interview and I got it! Thank you for all of the help you've given me, I really appreciate it.”

Amy’s long term ambition was to become a sonographer in foetal imaging. She said that sonographers had played an important role in her mum’s pregnancy with her when she was born very early and Amy was fascinated with how technology had advanced having had her own two children.

At 23 years old Amy lives with her partner and two young children aged 3 and 6. She started a family as soon as she left school and never had the chance to get into work or improve her education. Amy felt she had missed her chances by making mistakes when she was young and before she got much older she wanted to take the opportunity while she could and now that her children are in school and pre-school she finally felt she had the time she needed to focus on herself.

Amy knew she’d have to improve her qualifications in order to pursue her goal and was unsure how to go about it until she made contact with Work on the Horizon’s project co-ordinator Vicky through the website asking for support.

Vicky’s advice was to enrol on an Access to Higher Education course at Walsall College to improve on her existing qualifications. Amy took the advice immediately and began the course. Shortly after she returned to Work on the Horizon for support in sourcing work experience within the Health and Social Care sector in order to enhance her CV ready to apply for the Sonographer course at University.


Amy received support to write a CV that would help explain her motivation and enthusiasm to improve her education and establish a career, with the goal of helping her to gain some work experience despite a lack of work history. Amy then used this new CV to apply for opportunities in Health and Social Care and eventually she was offered an interview; just two months after taking the initiative to make a life change.

The interview went really well, way beyond Amy’s expectations, and at her first interview she was offered the job! She will now be working in a Care Home helping people with learning difficulties for 30 hours a week. For her first interview, this was a fantastic result!

We will continue to support Amy with her career goals. She intends to combine working at her new job with studying at Walsall College to improve her Maths, followed by a Science qualification which will enable her to then apply to University to study Medical Ultrasound and take a further step towards achieving her goal.

Within three months Amy has taken steps to completely change her life and is now well on her way to achieving her dream; she has a bright future ahead of her.