“I feel much less anxious  when attending Steps to Work sites, this has improved my confidence.”

Dawn has been out of work for almost 2 years, during this time her confidence has dramatically declined. With the
lack of confidence and severe anxiety problems Dawn has withdrawn herself from society and has put all her time and energy into caring for her dad and her friend.

Previously a cleaner with the NHS Manor Hospital, which was a job she enjoyed, Dawn was unable to continue in the job due to anxiety. Dawn is very nervous when meeting people in authority especially when attending Job Centre appointments and is very nervous when going to new places especially when she is on her own. She required the support of Bridges to help her to begin to overcome these barriers.

After 121 mentoring face to face and via telephone and has been showing continued progression. As a short term target we discussed starting the Learn My Way course at Work on the Horizon. Dawn was very nervous as she hasn’t been to Bloxwich in a number of years however said she felt ready to step out of her comfort zone. We created route planners so she knew where to go.

Dawn is now about 5 weeks into her Learn my Way course, she still requires a lot of support however she has come a long way. During her first appointment her anxiety was very noticeable,however once introduced to the tutor who also put her at ease she felt confident enough to start the course. Dawn is now progressing very well on the computer course, she doesn’t feel as anxious as she is getting use to attending and the other people in the group and is finding her self mixing more with other people which is something that she doesn’t usually have the confidence to do.